DIY Lip Scrubs

Being a makeup artist has given me a greater appreciation for skincare and all things that will take care of my skin. I’m a firm believer that if you take care of your skin you will see great results. By investing in good skincare (products that work for you and your skin type) you will see great results in how your makeup applies, how much coverage you’ll “need” (not want lol), and how long your makeup will hold up. 

Skincare is the basis to great makeup. The less you take care of your skin the harder it’ll be for you to find foundation, concealer, that’ll apply and sit properly on top of the skin. Results can vary, but that’s pretty much the basic idea. Treat your skin good and it will look great! 😊 Just like I said in my post about “identifying skin types”, the more you take care of it, typically means the more confidence you’ll have in your own skin. We are all beautiful with and without makeup!!!!!

A lot of us wear some type of lip product. Whether it’s as simple as lip balm or as fun as a bright colored lipstick, we all should prep our lips before applying product. What does it mean to prep your lips? To prep your lips before lip application is basically to exfoliate and treat your lips. By exfoliating your lips you are taking away any thin layer of dead/dry flaky skin on your lips. This will give you even and smooth lips. By treating the lips all you do is moisturize and hydrate.

I’ll be honest, even though I believe in investing in good skincare, I have an extremely hard time spending tons of money on an expensive lip scrub. I’m not sure why, but it’s the one makeup item I cannot seem to put up money for. But I will never deny that in order to have the softest lips and best lip application you need to exfoliate and treat. For a few years now I’ve been making my own concoction for lip scrubs and it never fails me. So now I’m am going to share with you all 😁 !!!

The ingredients I use are:
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Coffee grains
Brown sugar
Any natural oil or extract of your favorite scent (ex. Vanilla extract)


These ingredients have given me soft and supple lips. I’ve been free of chapped lips since I’ve made my own recipe at home. The olive oil and coconut oil will help moisturize the lip. Coffee grains help to exfoliate lightly, while the caffeine helps to revive the skin. The brown sugar you’ll vary the amount depending on how abrasive you’d like the lip scrub. I like to mix all ingredients in a disposable plastic cup, just so I can easily throw out the cup once I’m done. I love to store it in mini mason jars. It looks nice and adorable plus it’s convenient to leave on my vanity or medicine cabinet in my bathroom. However, you can store it in anything that works for you.

This combination hasn’t failed me yet. It’s noticeable on how soft and comfortable my lips feel during the cold winter months. My lip application is a million times better and I really see a difference when I wear my liquid lipsticks and traditional matte lipsticks.

To treat just use your favorite lip balm, my favorite is Smith’s rosebud lip salve. But feel free to use any whether it’s blistex, Chapstick, Carmex, or any high end if you prefer.

I hope this recipe helps you save money and helps with smoother lips. Let me know how this concoction works for you 😉

Until next time,

Love beauty and makeup,
Rebecca M.

“Aspire to Inspire”

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