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This is a Christmas tag created by Beautyandthenature. I was tagged by Miah.Keleigh (on Ig)
Here is her link:

Christmas is my favorite holiday of them all. It’s the busiest time of year for me. But I wouldn’t change it because family is everything to me. ☺️ I’m still in complete shock that Christmas is right around the corner with only 5 more days left. This has always been my favorite holiday and I can’t wait to enjoy it with family and friends.

So let’s start this tag:

What is your favorite Christmas color?
I love the color combination of red, gold and silver. It’s just so pretty and festive to me.
What is your favorite Christmas movie?
I would have to say home alone. I don’t know why but I just think it’s so adorable.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
As much as I dislike listening to Christmas music (because it’s all that my job plays lol) I would have to chose Ariana Grande’s “Last Christmas” .

The most anticipated Christmas tradition?
I would most definitely have to say putting up the Christmas tree. It has always been my favorite since I was a child.

Is your tree real or fake?
It’s fake hunny!! (“Ain’t nobody got time for that”) 😂 I have no time to go tree picking, much less chopping one down. I can put my Christmas tree away and keep using it every year as long as I want lol.

Pjs or fancy dress for Christmas Eve?
I enjoy getting dressed up.

When do you open your presents? On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
As a child we were only allowed to open our gifts if we ate all of our Christmas dinner and after midnight. It built up so much anticipation.

Do you believe in Santa?
When I was a child I did believe in Santa. That was until I discovered my mom hiding and stashing our gifts lol. Oh I was heart broken lol

What is your Christmas wish?
I don’t have any Christmas wishes. Just hoping to enjoy it and that my family and friends continue to stay blessed and healthy.

Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
No 😔 but I have always wanted to. Maybe when my boys are both a little older we can experiment together.

What is your dream Christmas destination?
I’ve always wanted to visit Europe. Italy in particular I think would be wonderful.

Do you like giving or receiving gifts?
There’s something about giving gifts that fills my heart with extreme joy and happiness. Receiving gifts are nice because that person thought of you. But giving a gift and seeing either the look of surprise or gratitude is everything. Making someone feel better, or making their day brighter is something I love to do.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
I can name some lol

What is your favorite Christmas meal or treat?
My favorite holiday meal/drink is my older sister’s lasagna , and piña colada with alcohol 😉👍🏼lol

Are you a pro present wrapper? Or fail miserably?
I am a damn pro. Lol for years I continued practicing till I got wrapping down. 😉


So that is all for this Christmas tag.
If you guys decide to do this tag don’t forget to tag me, if you don’t celebrate Christmas that’s fine, change it to whatever you and your family celebrate during this holiday season.

I’d like to tag these other lovely bloggers to do this as well. Please go like and subscribe all these awesome ladies. I also included 3 great YouTubers. 😘
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Until next time,
Love beauty and makeup,
Rebecca M.

“Aspire to inspire”

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